Reach your fundraising goals with a range of promotional materials to support your Containers for Change journey, all while saving 10¢ containers from landfill . 



Hey local container savers, say hello to the Containers for Change Fundraising Toolkit!

We believe every Western Australian has the potential to be a container saver and every 10¢ container has the potential to live on again! We are super excited for you to continue your fundraising journey, all while saving 10¢ containers from landfill. 

Fundraising Toolkits are available for charities, community groups, and schools who have their group member number with Containers for Change WA. If your organisation does not have a group member number head to the Containers for Change website and sign up.

Once you have your member number, follow the link below and register to receive a Fundraising Toolkit, and start your Containers for Change journey.



To help your group start its Containers for Change journey, we’ve created a fundraising toolkit to guide you every step of the way.

Metro Toolkits will include:

Regional Toolkits will include:

  • 1 x resource box with flyers, posters, bin stickers, and guides to help your fundraising journey.
  • 1 x 240L green & white Containers for Change bin.
  • 200 x Containers for Change green mesh bags.
  • 1 x resource box with flyers, posters, bin stickers, and guides to help your fundraising journey.
  • 1 x 150L Containers for Change Pop-up bin.
  • 50 x Containers for Change green mesh bags.

Hand these out to your volunteers, staff or students to get them involved in collecting 10¢ containers at home, work or out and about!


Have more questions? Search our FAQs by clicking the link below.

Who is eligible for a free Fundraising Toolkit?

What if my organisation is not registered yet with Containers for Change?

What is the Fundraising Toolkit?

Containers for Change will provide one toolkit, per eligible organisation. To be eligible, applicants must be a participating school or P&C (Parents & Citizens), community group, or charity, signed up to Containers for Change WA as an organisation, and able to provide a member number.

The kits are split into Metro/Peel and Regional toolkit options due to the distribution constraints with shipping larger items to regional areas. 

Getting a group member number enables your organisation to accept donations from 10¢ containers and raise funds for your cause!

To register your fundraising group, just sign up on the Containers for Change WA website here. Once registered, you will receive a unique member number that you can then use to complete the EOI form on this page.

Fundraising Toolkits contain a selection of posters, flyers, stickers, certificates, fundraising information, bags, and either a 240L bin or a 150L Pop-Up Bin (depending on your region). 

Use these resources to spread the word and ask your community to support your cause by collecting 10¢ containers at home, at work, or when they are out and about! 

How do I get a free Fundraising Toolkit?

Why are you offering the toolkits for free?

Where can I find more information about fundraising with Containers for Change?

To access your free Fundraising Toolkit please ensure eligibility, then complete the expression of interest (EOI) form below.

The team at Containers for Change will review the request, confirm if your application has been successful, and dispatch a toolkit to your provided address provided (subject to availability).

We recognise the time and effort that volunteers put into fundraising. 

At Containers for Change we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started and continue to reach your fundraising goals, so we are helping to set you up for success by giving you the recommended tools and resources to boost your fundraising efforts.

To find out more information about fundraising, visit the Containers for Change website here.

This page will provide you with access to free digital resources including the 7 Easy Steps to Fundraising guide, case studies, and other information that can be used to maximise fundraising.

Why are there different toolkits for regional and metro fundraisers? 

Are there terms and conditions associated with these toolkits?

How many of these toolkits are you making available for free?

We have limitations with sending bins and other larger infrastructure outside of the Perth metro area.

Luckily, we have a new innovative solution for regional fundraisers! Our brand-new ‘Pop-Up Bins’ are a cost-effective and space-efficient alternative for regional fundraising groups. Pop-Up bins can be easily attached to a general waste bin. We have also reduced the quantity of collection bags for regional customers to meet shipping requirements.

By accepting the Fundraising Toolkit your group is agreeing to a Containers for Change representative contacting you to provide feedback about what impact the kit has had on your Containers for Change fundraising efforts.

Please reach out or share your photos and stories showing the toolkits in action by emailing

We are making an initial 500 kits available for schools, charities, and community groups. Each organisation is entitled to one free toolkit if they meet eligibility criteria and their request is approved (while stocks last). Items from the Fundraising Toolkit are also available at cost via our online store.


If you would like to register for fundraising kits, please take 2 minutes to complete this short survey. This will help us match you with the right Containers for Change solution for your business.

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